2019 EPT Barcelona Hits All-Time Highs for PokerStars

The European Poker Tour continues to chug along in 2019 using a recent stop in Barcelona pulling in record amounts for the poker tour.
The nearly two-week poker festival began with the 1,100 National Championship drawing on a listing 4,682 admissions to create a prize pool of $4.5 million.
On the other end of the program, Swedish poker player Simon Brandstrom outlasted 1,988 admissions in the 5,300 Main Event to shoot down a decoration of $1,290,166. The Main Event has been the largest in the foundation.
Barcelona FC celebrities Gerard Piqu?? along with Arturo Vidal both managed to cash in the 25,000 Single-Day High Roller while playing on home turf.
This was in addition to the surprise announcement of the PokerStars NL Hold’em Players Championship (PSPC), which will occur as part of EPT Barcelona at 2020.
Swedish poker ace Simon Brandstrom is the biggest Event winner at EPT Barcelona’s background.
Brandstrom outlasted almost 2,000 admissions to shoot down an astonishing $1.29 million. It would have been even more had he not made a heads-up deal with immigrant poker pro Marton Czuczor, that bought $1.25 million for his efforts.
The last table also contained English expert Kully Sidhu and renowned poker pro Johan Storakers. As it required only one hour to move from six players into 2 the table was one of the fastest in the background of the EPT.
Heads-up play went on for two more hours until Brandstrom managed to land the knockout punch.
Here’s a look at the Whole final-table payouts for EPT Barcelona (*reflects two-way bargain ):
There is a very long history of athletes playing poker on the side but the success stories are few and far between.
Gerard Piqu?? would be among the exceptions.
Last week, the world-renowned Spanish footballer finished second at the elite $ Hold’em High Roller championship at EPT Barcelona.
The $25k tournament drew some of the very best poker players in the world but Piqu?? found a means except ultimate winner Juan Dominguez.
It was the cash in Piqu??’s poker career but he seems to be advancing. In the exact same championship he finished fifth in 2017. In general, he has $668,155 in live tournament earnings.
What is most striking about the success in the poker table of Piqu?? is that he’s doing it while playing football at a level that is world-class. Before their sporting careers are ended most athletes do not get into poker. Not so for Piqu??, who is managed to match EPT Barcelona.
Lately, Piqu?? was the Barcelona FC player as teammate Arturo Vidal finished fifth to get 134,460, to cash in the 25k High Roller.
Here’s a look at the final-table payouts for EPT Barcelona’s $25k High Roller:
Following a record-setting EPT Barcelona, organizers are thinking about the potential 2020 edition of this festival.
PokerStars declared that the second-ever $25k PSPC that was buy-in will happen sandwiched in the center of EPT Barcelona in Casino Barcelona’s 2020 version.
Millions of amateur poker players are qualified by pokerStars for your PSPC, making it among the one tournaments in pokergame. Amateur poker player Ramon Colillas took advantage of this inaugural PSPC this winter and won 5.1 million.
In the EPT Barcelona of that year, PokerStars announced it had qualified five players for your 2020 PSPC as a part of the Chase Your Dream promotion of their company.
So that means the 2020 variant of this stop could possibly reach historic levels with documents once again place to be broken at the long-running poker festival, EPT Barcelona is currently one of the most densely populated leagues around the EPT program.

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