An astrophotographer in California has captured images of Elon

We must applaud these excellent numbers where the EPS is seen closer to about Rs 12, consistency with bottomline. I won be worried a bit because if you ask me I was expecting that if the bottomline is more than Rs 700 crore, which is Rs 750 crore, I won be afraid even if there is a slight treasury gain or maybe some kind of other investment income having booked in this quarter because this is a very usual thing. Let me add here, the Bank Nifty which has risen by 500 points in last three days and let me be very categorical that we have not been able to notice that the rise of 500 points from here in this last three or four days will really keep the momentum on because all these private sector bank whether you take a call on the ICICI Bank or maybe the other banks in the similar space, Yes Bank definitely is in that category including Kotak, RBL Bank, are all going to cheer the market..

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