Coronavirus infection (COVID-19). Coronavirus condition concerns answered

Coronavirus infection (COVID-19). Coronavirus condition concerns answered

COVID-19 in Canada

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Coronavirus illness concerns answered

About COVID-19. What exactly is COVID-19? Which are the dangers to getting COVID-19? How exactly does COVID-19 spread? What’s the incubation period for COVID-19? What amount of COVID-19 situations are there presently in Canada? Where may I find additional information concerning the situations reported in Canada? Where am I able to get COVID-19 information particular to my province or territory? How to change lives in Canada’s response that is COVID-19?

Signs and therapy. Exactly what are the outward indications of COVID-19? I believe I may have COVID-19. Will there be a self-assessment that I’m able to do in the home to greatly help me figure out if i want further care? Can COVID-19 be sent whenever an individual is maybe perhaps not symptoms that are showing? Will there be a vaccine or treatment that may treat or prevent COVID-19? We am feeling stressed and overloaded. Exactly what do i really do to look after my psychological state?

Prevention and dangers. What’s my threat of getting COVID-19 in Canada? What’s the distinction between quarantine (self-isolate) and separate? What’s real (social) distancing and just how does it help minimize COVID-19? I will be told to keep in the home whenever you can, but i really do n’t have any signs nor have We travelled outside of Canada. Could I get outside? How to protect myself from getting COVID-19? If the basic populace in Canada wear masks to guard by themselves from COVID-19? Can there be a danger of contracting COVID-19 if I touch a surface which was possibly contaminated? Are Canadians in danger for contracting COVID-19 if they get a package or services and products delivered off their nations? I’m pregnant, am I at a higher danger to get more severe results associated to COVID-19? Can COVID-19 be sent through food? Can my animal or other pets have unwell out of this virus?

Travel limitations and exemptions. Are Canadians presently able to journey to the U.S.? i’ve recently came back from a visit away from Canada and I also have actually signs. Just just exactly What do i must do? We have recently came back from a vacation outside of Canada and I also would not have any outward symptoms. exactly What do i have to do? We may have now been confronted with COVID-19, but I’m not yes. How can I understand? I must travel for important reasons. How do I reduce my chance of disease? I’m A canadian travelling abroad and I also require support. Whom may I contact? I will be a traveller wanting to get back house to Canada. Just how do I get economic help while abroad? Canada’s reaction. What actions are now being need by the national government of Canada to respond to the pandemic? Exactly just just What actions are now being taken at Canadian borders to get rid of COVID-19 from entering Canada? exactly just How is Canada supporting its residents and companies because of the COVID-19 outbreak? Exactly just How is Canada monitoring the way to obtain medication and devices that are medical make sure that there aren’t any shortages?

Being prepared . just What actions can my children and I also simply take to safeguard against COVID-19? How do you take care of a person with COVID-19 in the home? I will be crucial worker, exactly what do i really do to guard myself while at work? We have youngster with COVID-19. What measures do i want to decide to try protect myself yet others in your home? As a worker, just exactly exactly what part do we play in decreasing the spread of disease? Being a company, just how do I implement appropriate health that is public to avoid and lower the spread of COVID-19 on the job? Are little gatherings nevertheless permitted to happen?


Canada COVID-19 software

Track your signs, get the latest updates, and access trusted resources

ArriveCAN application

For travellers entering Canada by atmosphere or by land

Understanding resources

Printable information and videos, with a few resources obtainable in numerous languages

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