England football racism problem worse than in Bulgaria, says manager Krasimir Balakov

Bulgaria director Krasimir Balakov believes that soccer has a problem than they do.
Concerns over possible racist abuse have dominated the build-up on Monday Qualifier in Sofia at the Natsionalen Stadion Vasil Levski.
England players endured abuse on their final trip to Bulgaria in 2011 on dealing with problems at the start of the 35, and the group was briefed by Gareth Southgate about the UEFA protocol.
The players have been talking about the matter, which enraged Bulgarian Football Union president Borislav Mikhaylov he stated whenever they continue to talk about the chance of abuse in the capital English players should face sanctions.
Mikhaylov spoke ofunjust comments being produced by England and after initially insisting he had been reluctant to talk about the matter, Balakov proceeded to provide his take on the problem — or otherwise — of racism in Bulgarian football.
What I can say is that I do not believe we have a issue, he explained.
In the championship, we have a whole lot of players of various ethnicities and skin colour. I really dont think that we have this problem like, as an example, England really do.
I would like to focus on football because in the close of the day we are all civilised Europeans and we are all working for this game and that is all the things.
Asked to describe his comment on England, Balakov added:What I meant was that in the championship weve not had such problems.
While there have been incidents in a variety of levels of English football between racism, which I believe something ordinary because it is a big country with a very diverse population.
But we do not have this problem in Bulgaria, I can assure you .
Southgate declared the alleged abuse in the National League match between Hartlepool and Dover in September and recently has said that England need to receive their house in order.
Pushed on if England players have anything to worry about, Balakov explained:Once more, its not an issue that has happened recently in the national group matches, which means racist chants or anything.
I would once more advise people to think and speak about football since this is the reason why were really here. We should not discuss something which has not even happened yet.

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