I managed to get a fairly decent job (I earn more than twice

If PhDs and postdocs are poorly paid and the academia is saturated

I chose to do a PhD after working 4 years as a research technician. I know the job market is competitive, that working on short contracts gives me anxiety, that repetitive pipetting gave me RSI, that most of the time no one else knows or cares what you up to.But I worked in office jobs before where my soul died and the harder I cheap moncler outlet worked the more rich some one else got. At least working in research I can be creative, intellectually stimulated, and able to really improve the world and chip away at the stuff we don know.We all know that you need money to feed the body, like cheap moncler sale getting a new house or that vacation or a nice pair of shoes. Way too many completely overlook that we need to Moncler Outlet feed the soul too to be happy and content. Especially young folks right out of uni go for the first, but completely forget about the latter. And then five years in, cheap moncler jackets working a mind moncler mens jackets numbingly boring job that they have no meaningful connection to, with the soul atrophied and screaming in agony, you will find many of moncler outlet store them shifting to yoga or finding inner peace cheap moncler coats bullshit like quitting that bank job to be a hippy dive instructor in Bali or developing an alcohol or drug habit or if none of the above, just leading lives of quiet disappointment, working the 9 5 moncler outlet grind for the paycheck.I not romanticising academia in any way, and fuck me it got its own host of problems, from long work hours to inherent job uncertainty to poor wages.To answer your question specifically, most people don apply to a single post doc, so many of the «rejected» applicants buy moncler jackets to a particular position get a post doc elsewhere, and others find employment in a PhD related position, and then another subset are employed in a less related position to their training, and finally a small number are unemployed. Also, among the ones who are currently «working», at least 40% are hired in a short term basis (AKA Post docs) or haven’t even signed a contract yet.I managed https://www.hotmoncleroutlet.com to get a fairly decent job (I earn more than twice than most early career researchers where I live) largely because of networking and having a rather unique set of skills and experience that moncler outlet online you normally don’t get in any PhD. My degrees and publications were almost irrelevant to my employer.Our academic scene is pretty decent, we have some of the best and well known scientists in the world and a healthy publication rate, it’s moncler sale outlet just that industry is almost non existent here (I’m lucky enough to have one of those few jobs), therefore the academia has to absorb most of the PhDs each university generates. Since that’s no longer realistic or feasible, PhDs have to settle for one moncler sale post doc after another (either that or be unemployed), until they have a strong enough resume to apply for their own grants. Even at that stage you may not be officially hired by some universities and be considered an «external collaborator» instead. After the time moncler outlet sale limit is up, 5 years with a chance to extend if the person is actively seeking jobs outside the lab, then the researcher becomes a research associate.The downside is that sometimes a lab head doesn want the person around long term, but both sides were OK keeping a post doc indefinitely. So some people lose their job, and others get a career position with departmental performance reviews, merit raises, etc.Grad school looks attractive to applicants. No tuition/stipend (after paying into school up until this point)/prestigious title? Sounds great right?When going from PhD to postdoc, many people feel like it the only or cheap moncler natural career progression, and don try any harder than that. And to be honest, many of them don have skill sets that would be useful anywhere other than an academic lab.

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