Jurgen Klopp fumes despite late Liverpool win over Leicester

Jurgen Klopp said after the filthy of Hamza Choudhury driven Mohamed Salah into hobble off he could not like Liverpool win over Leicester.
The Leicester midfielder scythed down the Liverpool ahead to prevent him a clear route to goal in the last minute of the game at Anfield, and was given a yellow card while Salah, later enjoying on for several minutes, left the pitch in visible pain, together with his longer-term condition as yet unidentified.
Liverpool proceeded to keep up their winning streak to get a Premier League match that was 17th but after the game, a Klopp fumed in Choudhury — whose foul on Matt Ritchie at August left him for 2 months on the sidelines.
I stand and ought to be only happy because of how the boys did this, but I am unable to get over the Choudhury yellow card, he told Sky Sports. He must know better.
He possibly was unlucky with Ritchie, but he has to calm down. After that, and you can not go for the man get a yellow card, I dont understand how that functions.
Three years in a row weve been the group with the lowest yellow cards, so we do not do these things. To slow Mo down, thats not acceptable.
Klopp felt Liverpool had been great value for the win in Anfield, which likewise equalled his or her best-ever beginning to a season, matching an eight-match winning streak.
Ahead of the game against pilots of Manchester City, Liverpool stand eight points clear at the Peak of the Premier League.
We won the game, we deserved it, we had been better, Klopp continued. Leicester are a super team and they were excellent for 30 minutes, but aside from that its not like Adrian had 30 saves or anything.
Klopp called the decision to award Sadio Mane a last-minute spot kick against at aclear penalty, however Brendan Rodgers, while stopping short of criticising the decision, was miserable with the Liverpool forward.
I think that going into the box, then Sadio was likely making sure he made the most of the touch he said. The swimmers handed it feel. Its difficult for the men in the [VAR] studio to overrule that.
I believe if it was not granted no one would have given a great deal of it. We had to perform better at that moment too, those details may cost you a point or 3 points.
Its very cruel to concede the penalty so late, Im not sure that it was clear and clean, but very proud of the team we are playing against the European champions, a group so powerful, especially in the home.
Paul Merson questioned if Leicesters James Maddison was fit after winning last weekends win over Newcastle, despite his equalising goal at Anfield.
Leicester will be disappointed, but did lots of people actually expect them to go to the house of the European champions and win? Not many, he explained.
They got to a few places, however their final pass was actually poor. I do not know if James Maddison has been match as the match was not really influenced by him. Jamie Vardy did not really get any shift.
You have to remember there is a huge gulf between the 2 sides. There are not many.
But they will do a good deal better than many other teams will perform at Anfield.

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