Leonardo DiCaprio Does Not Want To Date Ladies Over Age 25

Leonardo DiCaprio Does Not Want To Date Ladies Over Age 25

Leonardo DiCaprio is regarded as Hollywood’s most bachelors that are well-known. The Titanic star’s dating life has been a subject for discussion since he first burst onto the scene in the late ’80s and early’90s. Now inside the mid-40’s the Academy Award champion remains understood for dating stunning ladies. Nonetheless, we never really realized that The Wolf Of Wall Street star has an age requirement with regards to their interests that are romantic. Evidently, Leonardo DiCaprio will not date women that are more than 20-years-old.

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Leonardo DiCaprio hasn’t dated a female who had been avove the age of 25

44-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio happens to be dating 21-year-old model Camila Morrone, and they’ve been together for almost 12 months. That isn’t the very first time DiCaprio has dated a lady much more youthful than he’s. A Reddit user developed a hilarious and timeline that is shocking of What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? star’s relationships. The ages are measured by it of every of this females he dates against his or her own age.

Though DiCaprio is growing old, the ladies which he chooses to possess on his supply are just getting younger. In reality, the only time he dated somebody near their age ended up being as he dated model Gisele Bundchen from 2000 to 2005. DiCaprio had been 26 and Bundchen had been 20 once they first started dating.

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The real reason Gisele Bundchen split up with Leonardo DiCaprio

Gisele Bundchen and Leonardo DiCaprio started dating in 2000, and additionally they had been pretty inseparable. The supermodel even went utilizing the star to your 2005 Oscars where he had been nominated when it comes to Aviator. Later on that 12 months, Bundchen pulled the plug on the relationship. In a job interview with Porter, the model unveiled because she needed a change of lifestyle that she knew she needed to end things with the Titanic actor.

She explained, “No longer numbing myself with smoking cigarettes, ingesting and work that is too much I became getting increasingly conscious of items that I’d chosen to not glance at. Ended up being we alone in planning to do a little soul-searching that is serious he remained exactly the same? Within the final end, unfortuitously, the solution ended up being yes.”

Other women that are young DiCaprio has dated

After DiCaprio and Bundchen went their split means in 2005 — the actor dated Israeli model Bar Refaeli for 5 years starting whenever Refaeli had been twenty years old. The Isreali model has become hitched to Maroon 5 frontman — Adam Levine. After splitting with Refaeli in 2011 – he went on to date actress Blake Lively who was simply simply 23 at that time. The couple only dated for a months that are few Lively relocated on to meet up her spouse, Ryan Reynolds who she married in 2012. From where we’re sitting it appears to be like Leonardo DiCaprio could be the guy you date before meeting your spouse.

Leonardo DiCaprio, nominee Best Actor in a respected part for “The Aviator” and Gisele Bundchen | Chris Polk/FilmMagic

Will Leonardo DiCaprio marry Camila Morrone?

Leonardo DiCaprio never has been hitched plus it does not seem like he’s on the go to enter wedlock. Since 2018 the star is dating 21-year-old model, Camila Morrone but we don’t think he’s likely to be settling down anytime soon. He’ll probably pull a George Clooney as he turns 50 mail order wives.

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