NFL Week 12 Picks

Sunday, November 25, 2018

New York Giants vs Philadelphia Eagles
Both the simulations and also the gambling lines are on the Eagles to win the game. The projected score is Eagles 26 and Giants 20, with Philadelphia winning 65 percent of the time. The Eagles have been -240 favorites to win that has an estimated chance of 71 percent. The moneyline has transferred from its opening value which indicates folks are wagering more money on the Eagles to win. Recently this was a lopsided matchup with the Eagles moving 4-1. In these games the Eagles averaged 28 points per game and the Giants 23. The computer would place the spread at PHI -6. Action appears to be evenly split and the gambling line has not moved from its launching -6. The Eagles have a list of 10-10-0 as a favored. The Giants have a list of 11-11-0 within an underdog. While they are 1-4 up versus the Eagles, the Giants are better against the spread. The Giants are 3-2-0 contrary to the spread vs the Eagles. The Eagles were preferred by a mean of -2.4 points in these games and they won with an average of 5.8 points.
New England Patriots vs New York Jets
Both the simulations and also the betting lines are strongly on the Patriots to win the game despite being on the street. The projected score is Patriots 30 and Jets 22, together with New England being given a 68% probability of winning. The moneyline for the Patriots is -526 which translates to 84 percent (likelihood of winning). People are gambling more intensely on the Patriots predicated on the way in which the moneyline is moving. The Patriots have been dominating this matchup recently with a 4-0 record. In such games, the Patriots averaged 28 and the Jets 11 ppg. The pc would set the disperse at NE -8. Bettors appear to be favoring the Patriots as the Vegas line has moved out of +9 to 10. The Patriots have a record of 6-4-0 as a favorite. The Jets have a record of 9-10-2 within an underdog. Both have coated 2 times head-to-head. The average point spread in these games was Patriots -12.9 and they won by an average of 17.5 points.

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