Patrick Mahomes shedding ‘baby fat’ in offseason

Offseason tales about NFL players are old-hat narratives regurgitated on the regular. Most times they have to do with an lineman losing extra pounds or a running back getting back into shape to salvage his career that is or her.
You do not hear a 24-year-old reigning MVP-winning quarterback about getting into better shape, with a arm and squealy athleticism talk.
Patrick Mahomes is not your MVP. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback told Terez Paylor of Yahoo Sports on shedding body fat this offseason he’s focused.
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«I have gotten more muscle and [have] less baby fat, I guess you’d say,» Mahomes advised Paylor. «So that has been the big factor for me sculpting my own body in the simplest way possible so I can go throughout the entire year and feel as fresh at the end as I did in the beginning.»
Mahomes, such as enthusiastic workout artists throughout the summertime, tweaked his work outs to moisturize muscle while shedding the unwanted fat.
«For me, offseason-training wise, it is all about trying to define [my body]… wanting to be sure I am in the best shape possible, emotionally and emotionally and mentally,» Mahomes said. «So the big thing for me this offseason going in was, I always wished to gain muscle mass but in the same time, cut back weight. Kind of a mixture of both.»
Mahomes’ goal is to shed three to 5 percent body fat from the time training camp opens.
«The cheapest I had been last year following coaching camp was 12 percent, and that’s very great,» Mahomes said. «But now my goal is to maintain the single digits, so I am gonna try to get as low as possible while still being healthy and having the human body to be able to take a complete season.»
After Mahomes pitched for 5,097 yards and 50 TDs to win the MVP trophy in his first full season as a starter, most analysts project that the K.C. QB to come back to the earth in 2019. Mahomes is currently working to ensure he remains one of the stars.

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