Professor Peter Brown: Body shape in Homo Floresiensis was not

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cheap Canada Goose Whether you view that as a threat or a reason to be excited, it will be here before you know it. Game against the Royals. They will open the season at home for just the second time since they moved into Target Field in 2010. After goose outlet canada looking at a complete skull Peter and Mike settled on a controversial identification.Professor Mike Morwood: One explanation of Homo Floresiensis, an endemically dwarf species derived from an earlier Homo erectus population.Narration: A dwarf Homo erectus was stunning enough, but since then they’ve found more Hobbit bones. The new bones led Peter to make an astounding conclusion, announced in today’s issue of the Journal Nature.Professor Peter Brown: The new material is very exciting, for us. We now think we have bits and pieces of eight individuals from the cave.Narration: All these individuals are the same size or smaller than the original demonstrating that this is not some one off freak or a diseased individual.But there was more.Professor Peter Brown: The interesting canada goose outlet thing about these bones are how large they are, indicating that Homo Floresiensis was very heavily muscled for its body size they’d canada goose outlet eu have been small, but you wouldn’t want to arm wrestle one of these.Narration: But comparing the bones to other human ancestors revealed the most unexpected result.Professor Peter Brown: Body shape in Homo Floresiensis was not like modern humans, clearly much more like early australopithecine.Narration: If the Hobbit is an Australopithecine it just got a whole lot more primitive!It means the Hobbit belongs to a group that was thought to have never left Africa and that went extinct over 1 million years ago!So now a handful of fossils from Flores are going to cause a canada goose outlet uk sale complete rethink about our prehistory.Professor Peter Brown: It completely rewrites every textbook on human evolution around the planet.Professor Mike Morwood: I think the story of Homo Floresiensis is going to be more complex than we originally envisaged and more interesting with all sorts of implications for things like when did hominids initially disperse out of Africa.Garry Smith 07 May 2009 9:21:53amThis is an excellent story cheap Canada Goose.

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