Robert Snodgrass targets win at Aston Villa as Manuel Pellegrini backs Declan Rice

West Ham duo Robert Snodgrass and Declan Rice suffered a challenging time on international responsibility, but the set will soon back in Premier League action on Monday.
Scotland lost their European Qualifiers to Russia along with Belgium, the defeat on the latter was the very first time Snodgrass had played since losing to the identical resistance by the identical score one year ago.
«This was a disappointing number of results for us ,» said Snodgrass.
«It had been my very first start in a lengthy time for Scotland, and also to get beat how we did…
«We turned off at vital times and when they’ve got the likes of [Kevin] De Bruyne, [Romelu] Lukaku and [Dries] Mertens in the side they can cause you issues and that’s what they achieved.»
Snodgrass is eager to concentrate on the struggle ahead a visit to a few of his former clubs, Aston Villa, on Monday Night Football in front of the Sky cameras.
«we would like to try and win the match at Aston Villa as, to keep on progressing, we must keep on winning football games and will need to bring different ideas to break these types of teams down.
«Aston Villa are a very good side. I have watched them a lot this season due to the fact I have been around and kept in touch with a number of their players and staff, and we’re going to need to be at our best to get a result.»
Snodgrass’ West Ham team-mate Declan Rice continues to be facing a difficult time on the stage for selecting to play for England over the Republic of Ireland, after he received death threats.
He came in for some criticism for his defensive mistake which contributed to Kosovo’s second goal against England from the European Qualifier of Tuesday .
Hammers director Manuel Pellegrini is convinced Rice has the mentality to shoot all in his stride and flourish for the federal side:»Declan is a very young player, he is advancing in every game he playswith,» said Pellegrini.
«He is only 20 years old and I believe with his era it is very important he performs for England and it’s important for him how he will demonstrate he functions.
«You can expect these errors for any kind of player. He is improving and for the moment he is currently performing well in that position.
«If you’re 20 years older you always need to playwith, but we will see whether he’s some muscle issue. For now Declan must keep on playing.»
«Once I took him from the team a year ago I told him you will need a few more games to work in that position, he always is advancing and wants to learn. He always knows what he is doing wrong and what he wants to improve on.»
«He’s played in the top level for both matches [for England] which will give him assurance.»

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