Tyson Fury: Briton’s rematch with Deontay Wilder could be ‘pushed back’ by cuts

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By Luke Reddy
BBC Sport in Las Vegas
Tyson Fury’s proposed rematch with Deontay Wilder could be delayed as a consequence of the reductions he suffered in beating Otto Wallin on issues in Las Vegas, says promoter Frank Warren.
31, fury , boxed for over nine rounds with cuts across his right eye and was taken to hospital for operation.
Warren said the Wilder departure, and it includes a date of 22 could be impacted by the recovery timescale of Fury.
«If it doesn’t heal well the battle might have to be pushed back,» Warren explained.
«Hopefully that won’t be the case. It depends upon how it heals, whether it’s OK it won’t be an issue.»
He added BBC Radio 5 Live:»It is not simply the fight, it is the training and sparring. He has to be 100% right.»
The February rematch — after last December’s thrilling draw in Los Angeles — appeared challenging anyway given WBC world champion Wilder is due to battle with Luis Ortiz in November.
However, the harms Wallin inflicted by virtue of a hit in the T-Mobile Arena resulted in a stoppage that could have ruined plans of a replicate fixture.
The physician twice called up to Fury’s corner and, being the bloodstream had been drawn by a punch, Wallin could have landed a huge mad.
BBC Radio 5 Live boxing analyst Steve Bunce said the cuts inflicted»were a few of the worst I have seen in boxing».
Former world middleweight champion Andy Lee considers a delay to a Wilder bout is unavoidable and advised 5 Live:»We will see how the cut warms up, but it’s hard to find him fighting in February. That is one that will take six to eight weeks to cure.»
Talking from hospital in vegas, Warren added:»We’re awaiting a plastic surgeon to come and sew his eye.
«The cut hampered his performance but at the end of the day he awakens. He will have micro-surgery on the cuts one over the eye and one about the eye-lid. It gave Wallin a great deal of heart.»
Fury did no media as a result of the injuries, leaving coach Ben Davison to field questions as a consequence of remarks made by his own dad.
Fury’s father John, who has not been able to travel to the US for battles because of previous convictions, said his son looked»feeble as a kitten», including the display was»the worst I have observed from Tyson».
«It looked like he’d nothing after round two,» he advised BT Sport.
«In 18 rock 1, I’ve warned him and warned him. He’s a fighter that is 19-stone.
«If I had my way, the lot [Tyson’s team] will be gone. Should they keep that group that’ll be his career [gone].»
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Criticism of Fury appears to be harsh given the nature of cuts that compelled him to change his style and seek a quick knockout given that he was aware of the concern doctors showed.
His trainer Davison, who’s worked with him since late 2017, told BBC Sport:»If he was as weak as a kitten he would not have been in a position to perform 12 rounds like this.
«It had been his engine, experience, strength and dimension that was the distinction. I’m happy.
«John is Tyson’s father so you must honor him. Tyson was feeling ready. You can not do anything about a terrible cut»
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