Wagering on Rio: Your Guide to Vegas’ Wrestling Odds

Betting on sports, if with gentlemen’s stakes between friends, or with cash money plonked down in correctly licensed and entirely legal sports books, almost always enhances the spectating experience, along with the Summer Games of the 31st Olympiad are no exception. There’s just no more easy way to leverage your sport pleasure than a nicely placed wager.
To assist everyone in ratcheting up their Rio watching experience, I have scoured the web for the best odds available for the Greco-Roman, Men’s Freestyle and Women’s Freestyle tournaments. Below you’ll find at least one amateur punter’s choice for each day of contest.
But first a few quick caveats. Many of the sports books I found had odds for wrestlers who will not be competing in Rio. I am guessing the books just pulled the titles and outcomes from the 2015 World Championships and never bothered to double check the Rio entrances. Therefore don’t be surprised if all stakes get voided as a outcome.
As I said, I am a rank amateur. In the event you suffer pecuniary hardship as a result of my advice, well, bettor beware and so forth. But if you do realize any windfall profits, I would love a taste. I am not greedy, mind you, just enough to wet my beak is .
With that out of the way, here is how I would spend my 100 gambling units around the 2016 Olympic wrestling tournaments.

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